58mm Thermal Printer Mechanism-ATP201

    • •  Compatible with SEIKO LTP01-245 LTPZ245M

    • •  Compact and lightweight design

    • •  High speed printing

    • •  Easy paper loading

    • •  Low noise

    • •  Long life

Printing Printing Method Thermal dot line printing
Printing Width 48mm
Resolution 8dots/mm
Driver Stepping motor(4.2-8.5VDC), 0.0625mm per step(2-2phase pulsed drive)
Dots number of per line 384dots
Average resistance 176Ω
Paper width 58mm
Dot pitch 0.125mm
Dot size 0.125mm*0.12mm
Printing speed(max) 80mm/s(motor voltage at 8.5V DC)
Printing life ≥50km
Detection Thermal head temperature detection Via thermistor
Out of paper detection Via a reflected light sensor
Fixed mode Printer roller Detachabe with mechanism main body,easy to load paper, set the printer roller in place detection switch
Operating Voltage Printer head working power voltage VH:3.15-8.5V DC
Printer head working logic voltage VDD:2.7-5.25VDC
Motor voltage 4.2-8.5V DC
Path of paper traveling bend type
Paper cutter Manual
Operating environment Operating temperature +5℃-45℃
Operating humidity 20%-85%RH
Operating mechanical noise 60dB(max)
Physical characteristics Weight 40.5g
Periphery dimension(D*W*H) L=70mm,W=33mm,H=15.3mm L(FPC)=71mm
Using compatibility Compatible with FTP-628MCL103 mechamism of SAMSUNG company completely
Range of application Portable and desktop cash register, call distributor,POS printer etc.

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