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Coronavirus Origin in China or USA?

  Now the Coronavirus are already aggressive in every country of the world, everywhere is a battle with this Virus.

  China now nearly control situation and past three months infection about 80K and no more big floatation . Most of them are been well treated and already recovery and go home .

Bad news is raising at this time in whole Euro and Iran,

Italy infect people growing up to 35,713

Iran growing to 17,361

Germany growing to 12,327

Spain growing to 14,769

France growing to 9,054

  This Coronavirus firstly expanding in Wuhan, China, which it’s a populated city over 10 million people. This city suddenly shut down from 23th Jan ,which its one day before Chinese new year. Chinese government start to take strong action to control Coronavirus expanding and infection, every people stay at home with family people for more than one month and not go out except necessary fetch some food from online orders.

  Thanks to Chinese government strong action, after two month, good news is that now Coronavirus been control in China and Wuhan become zero people infect from 18th March.

  China Ministry of foreign affairs Mr Lijian Zhao expressed his doubt that this Coronavirus Origin in USA in 2019 Autumn time and brought into Wuhan in the period of Wuhan Internation Army Sports meeting .He sent 5 Twitter messages continuously in 12th March and said this Virus come from USA army and USA owes China a explanation .  

  What is your comment to this Origin of the Coronavirus?

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