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ATP Portable thermal Bluetooth printer BP20

    With the improvement of scientific level and the rapid development of social economy, modern people are no longer limited to fixed indoor office work. In all walks of life in people's daily life, various outdoor and non-stationary workplaces are beginning to use more and more related equipment. As one of them, the portable receipt printer has gradually become familiar with people, and it makes people's office more convenient.

    Today we are going to introduce a very easy-to-use portable Bluetooth receipt printer BP20. This product is developed and designed by the ATP technology team. It has many advantages for all walks of life.

1. Small,lightweight and reliability

The external dimensions of BP20 are 79x110x45mm, which can be controlled by one hand. The weight of 210g is portable, and the life of the print head is up to 50Km, which is durable.


2. High printing speed and long battery life

The BP20 is equipped with a 1500mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which can print continuously for 5 hours or 200 meters, while supporting fast charging.


3. Easy to use

Easy loading design, basic function settings are simple and quick to get started.


Now, under the general trend of intelligent mobile office, portable Bluetooth printers are more and more used, easy to carry and use, fast and efficient, greatly improving office efficiency. The above is the relevant introduction of ATP Bluetooth receipt printer BP20.

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